Saturday, November 28th, 2015


At the top of my need-to-do list for quite a while has been to learn how to weld. A good racing friend with excellent fabrication skills decided to make today the day. I have been lucky to have friends willing to do most of my welding projects over the years, so there has never been the neccesity of owning my own equipment. Well after today’s lessons, I’m in the market for some equipment of my own so I can start paying back some of the favors.

Rather than practicing on critical safety components from my race car, my welding lessons were taught on pieces from a box of broken tranny parts. I was using a Century 220Volt 160Amp MIG welder. I was reminded of the proper use of safety equipment, shown techniques for thick vs thin pieces of metal, the importance of weld penetration, and discovered cast versus forged steel issues. We discussed choice of gas pressure, heat (amperage) range, wire feed rate, and stitch welding. And then while I was at it, I assembled the new RacingOnTheCheap mascot- Tranny Man!



Tranny-Man has a new pet, Oscar the weiner dog.




2 Responses to “WELDING SCHOOL”
  1. Victor says:

    You might want to give him a different name.
    “Tranny” man has a whole different connotation on much of the internets. :)

  2. Troy says:

    Especially here around the Bay area 😉 But I’m an equal opportunity artist, so he’ll have to live with his moniker for now.

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