Friday, November 27th, 2015

I’ve been working on the plumbing and wiring in the Race Wagoon. Fuel lines, brake lines, oil cooler, radiator – geez, a whole bunch of hoses!  Then wiring the battery master, coil, starter, MSD, gauges – all this stuff adds up in both weight and expense…

My Lil’ Red Wagon finally got its motor. Since I don’t have a lift in my garage (wouldn’t that be nice), I hooked the transmission up before the installation. I discovered that the length of the early ‘A’ type comp trans combined with the motor makes for one very tight fit. Tilt the motor, lower the […]

To go along with the wagon’s IRS conversion, I planned to replace the old U-jointed axles with CV joint halfshafts. In theory, CV joints have less friction, so that allows more power to get to the wheels. They are also less prone to failure under racing conditions, especially when using a welded differential. I am using BMW E9 […]

My guess is that never in the history of mankind have aftermarket intake and exhaust manifolds fit without quite a bit of filing and grinding.  The “quick” project of making sure the carbs and headers fit properly before dropping the motor in turned into a several hour session with pneumatic, electric, and hand tools.

This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to design a racecar cockpit from scratch, putting gauges and switches where I’d like them. If I end up not enjoying the ergonomics, nobody to blame but myself. During 23 years as a commercial pilot, I’ve spent a lot of time in both good and bad […]